012019 – Spiritual Self-Esteem

When Dottie & I were schoolteachers, I think we looked forward to snow days more than the kids did! Well, this is one of those snow days, and church has been cancelled due to a winter storm that continues to affect our area. Wind chills today & tomorrow will be around -20 (yes, minus two zero!). So, we are snuggled in, with a soon to be fire in our fireplace, and getting ready to have Bible study with Johnny.

Today, I think we will be doing a study on Spiritual Self-Esteem, and I will attach the notes here from when I previously taught this (January 2013).

I know that I constantly have to remind myself of the Spiritual self-esteem that we have in Christ. In ourselves, we are nothing, and when we aren’t saturated with Bible doctrine, we tend to beat ourselves up over every little thing – like last night when I spilled a large cup of water for the second night in a row, and got my Bible & study notes wet! Dumb, dumb, dumb, that is what I told myself! You are just getting old and good for nothing anymore! How could you be so stupid to do that 2 nights in a row! And on, and on! It takes a real effort (self-discipline) to focus on the facts, and not how we feel (emotions controlling the soul). As long as I am alive on planet earth, the Bible tells me that God has a plan for me, and will have a plan for me here until I take my last breath & go to be face-to-face with Him. See Jeremiah 29:11 & II Timothy 1:7, 9.

So, everyone have a blessed week as you study, meditate & pray over, and apply the Word of God daily in your lives. We love you all!

Notes: Summary of The Characteristics of Spiritual Self-Esteem

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